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Tripmela in the News

A small bit of self-promotion:  Tripmela (the OTR’s sister site) got a nice mention in an Economic Times (India) article today. 

That’s the end of the pat on the back :)

OTR in the News

In case you care, the OTR got a nice mention in the LA Times over the weekend…

The OTR in the LA Times

Just a little self-promotion:  The OTR got a mention in Sunday’s LA Times article about EOS and MAXjet…

OTR in the News

If you’ll allow me to indulge…my tiny website received a bunch of mentions in the non-online press yesterday talking about the Orbitz/Cendant deal. You can find my blatherings in USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun Times. I was also on Bloomberg Radio discussing the same topic. I promise I’ll never bore y’all again with this pathetic self promotion, but it’s nice to see this little website getting a little recognition. Carry on.