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Amex Business Gold Rewards: Up to 75,000 Points After $5,000 Spend in 3 Months

American Express has an offer today for up to 75,000 Membership Rewards points on their Amex Business Gold Rewards card when you spend $5,000 in 3 months (the typical offer is for 25,000 points after $2,000). I saw the ad below when I went to sign into Yahoo.

You’ll earn 3X points on airfare and 2X points on gas. It’s free the first year, and $175 after. I don’t think it’s worth keeping around, but if you get the 75k offer, I’d jump on it (I’ve gotten it in the past, so I’m no longer eligible).

To see if you’ll receive 25k, 50k or 75k, you’ll need to go to this link, then fill out some information about your business (or “business”, as the case may be). Given that they’re asking for your address, I would guess that you’ll be receiving some mail from them and they’ll be selling your info. I put in a fake business and address to see what it would do, and I received the 25k offer. Eh.

Good luck.


If You Haven’t Yet Received a Decision about Your Citi AA Executive Application…

My wife was immediately approved for the 100k offer for the Citi AA Executive card, but I was told my application was pending. I found that odd because I managed to ruin my wife’s credit when I forgot to pay a $6 bill on a Bank of Hawaii card 2 years ago (sorry, hon!).

I called the number Citi gives you to find out more information and each of 3 times that I called, I was told they couldn’t help me and I had to wait 7-10 days for the decision.

But the OTR waits for no decision, so I was thrilled when reader JC emailed me to tell me he was in the same situation and called this number: 888-201-4523. They gave him a (positive) decision immediately.

I called and it turns out I had to move some credit around to get approved. I did, and I was.

If you’re a heavy churner it’s very possible you have 4 Citi cards (at least) open already (2 AA cards, an AA business card, and a Hilton card). That may be the issue – call 888-201-4523 and they’ll be able to help. And unlike other banks I’ve dealt with (Barclays) they aren’t annoyed when you ask them to move credit around.

Good luck!

100,000 Mile Signup for Citi Executive Credit Card ($450 Annual Fee)

Everyone has beaten me to it, but I thought I’d mention it too:

There is an offer for a 100,000 mile bonus with the Citi Executive Credit Card. Here’s the deal:

- It’s $450 for the year, not waived.

- You need to spend $10,000 in 3 months to earn the bonus.

- If you have other Citi AA cards, you CAN still get this.

- However, you cannot get this deal if you have applied for any Citi card in the last 8 days, or 2 in the last 65 days (that’s true of any Citi card).

- You’ll get a $200 credit after you’ve spent $200 on the card.

- Admirals Club membership.

So it’s basically going to cost you $250 for the card. Plus if you use a cashback card normally you’ll be forgoing another $200 in cash back. Or you’ll have to purchase $10k worth of Vanilla Reloads, which will cost you $79. So this card really “costs” between $340 and $450, which is a good deal for 100,000 miles, but not necessarily a slam dunk, especially if you have trouble finding VRs to purchase.

Anyone Having This Issue with the Southwest Credit Card?

A reader wrote yesterday with this question:

I just received this letter from Chase: “We’re writing to provide you with information about your new account, Southwest Airlines, which offers a bonus premium to new card members. the terms and condition associated with the new account state that the premium is only available to new card members. Since our records show that you have taken advantage of the offer or a similar offer within the past two years, your account is not eligible to receive the premium.”
BACKGROUND: I have not had this exact card before. Card in question is Chase SW Business Plus. Of SW cards, I have only had the (non-business) Premier, which I canceled a few months back.

Has anyone else had an issue where Chase would not offer a bonus on a Southwest credit card because you’ve had a DIFFERENT Southwest credit card in the past?

There Are 2 Alaska Airlines Credit Card Offers Better (Probably) Than the 25,000 Point Offer

The Alaska Airlines credit card bonus offer has bounced around a bit for the past few months, but recently everyone has been reporting that the 25,000 point offer (with a $100 statement credit) is the best available. I’ve found 2 others that may be better for you ($75 annual fee is not waived on either):

- This page offers 30,000 bonus miles after approval. The top of the page says you’re getting an extra 5,000 bonus miles for being a Bank of America customer, but the T&Cs at the bottom just say you’ll get 30,000 miles.

- This page offers 25,000 miles after approval, and then an extra 15,000 miles for spending $2,000/month for 12 months. That isn’t worth it for me, but it may be for you.

People love the Alaska cards because they’re churnable, and the miles are good on a host of airlines, including Delta, American, British Airways and Emirates.

(I’ve updated the section of Current Credit Card offers).

A Credit Card to Get You (Eventually) 5% On Your Vanilla Purchases

I’ve been a fan of the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card, as it earns me 6% cash back on groceries up to $6500 a year, and 3% cash back on gas. Fantastic, yay me (minus the $75 annual fee).

But a friend of mine recently alerted me to an older version of that card called the Amex Blue Cash card that, if you’re a heavy duty manufactured spend person, will likely be a better deal for you:

You can see the full information here, but go into private browsing first)

You’ll earn 1% cash back on grocery, gas, and drug stores on the first $6,500 you spend every year.
You’ll earn .5% cash back on everything else on the first $6,500.

After you spend $6,500, you’ll earn 5% cash back on those categories (grocery, gas and drug store), and 1% cash back on everything else. There’s no annual fee.

If you’re someone who, for example, buys a lot of Vanilla Reload cards at CVS, this can be a very lucrative shift for you.

If you max out at $5k/month in VRs, here’s the math:

- If you use a 2.2% cash back Barclays Arrival, you’ll generate $1340 cash back (subtract VR fees from that).
- If you use this card, you’ll generate $2,787 cash back (1% on first $6500, 5% after that). Plus there’s no annual fee.

If you have an Amex Blue Cash Preferred, you should be able to switch to this version…

There are a MyFICO thread here, and an FT thread here if you’re interested.

Again, clear your cookies or go into private browsing, then you can get to the application here.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Back to 40,000 Points, But With Lower Spend Threshold

The Chase Sapphire Preferred bonus had been at 55,000 points (with an authorized user) and a $125 annual fee, but that offer has recently disappeared.

Just wanted to alert everyone that the new best offer is for 40,000 points after $2,000 spend in 3 months (that’s down from $3,000 in the past), and a $95 annual fee that is waived in the first year.

Blah blah blah 2x points travel restaurants 7% etc.

Non-affiliate application link:

I Completely Forgot about This 1 Nice Shopping Perk from the Amex Blue Cash Preferred…

I’m a big fan of the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card because of the 6% cash back it offers for grocery stores (up to $6,000 spend per year), and the 3% cash back at gas stations (there’s a $75 annual fee).

I had completely forgotten that it also offers 3% cash back at department stores – both brick-and-mortar AND online, a really nice perk right before the crazy holiday spending season.

Which stores? Here ya go:

Bealls, Belk, Bloomingdale’s, Bon Ton Stores, Boscov’s, Century 21 Department Stores, Dillard’s, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears, and Stein Mart.

If you pair that card with a cash back portal (like our sister site Classbuxx, which I will continue writing about here until some of you readers sign up your schools), you can earn a nice chunk of cash back (including the 11% we’re offering at on men’s apparel and shoes).

In any case, I thought it was helpful to point out the department store 3% back – I’ve left a few dollars on the table because I had forgotten about it.

(You can support the OTR if you apply for that card through this link and search for “blue cash preferred.” – you’ll get a $100 statement credit PLUS a free year of Amazon Prime after $1,000 spend in 3 months.)

And Now the Sapphire Preferred Is 50,000 Points (Plus 5,000 for Authorized User)

I’ve seen a number of blogs saying that the Sapphire Preferred was briefly offering a 50,000 bonus after $3,000 spend in 3 months, but it appears to be widely available now. Their new offer is:

- 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after $3,000 spend in 3 months.
- 5,000 points for adding an authorized user.
- First year fee, but 2nd year is now $125, not $95, which makes me start to question whether I’ll keep the Sapphire Preferred next year.

You can add your spouse as an authorized user even if they have their own card, so each of you can get the 55k bonus.

The new offer is available here.

If you’re also starting to re-consider paying $125, here’s what I’m thinking about:

I’m going to keep the Chase Ink Bold (or Ink Plus). Yes, it’s $95/year, but I put my cellular, cable and Internet spend on it, which offers 5X points (at a minimum, that’s 5% cash back). That more than pays for the $95 annual fee. If you have one of those cards, you can earn Ultimate Rewards points if you get the regular (non-preferred) Chase Sapphire card, which has no annual fee. It’s like the Preferred in that it earns 2X points at restaurants (but it only earns 1X on travel).

Just a thought.

In any case, use the link above for up to 55k points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

If You’ve Been Waiting for the Chase Freedom Card: Now It’s $200 Cash Back (20,000 Ultimate Rewards Points in Many Cases)

The Chase Freedom card is a solid option for many people because:

- With no annual fee you can keep it open forever, helping your credit score because of the longstanding open credit.
- They offer a rotating set of 5% cash back categories each quarter
- If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Plus and/or Chase Ink Bold, you can transfer your Freedom points to Ultimate Rewards

They’ve generally offered $100 cash back (10,000 points) after $500 spend in 3 months, but an offer came out today for $200 cash back (20,000 Ultimate Rewards points if you have the cards mentioned above) after you spend $500 in 3 months.

If you haven’t gotten a Chase card in your last churn, this is a great option. Sure, we used to see 35,000 point bonuses on occasion, but it’s been ages. I would jump on this one if you’re considering your churn.

Application here.

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