Amex Platinum Card – 25k Bonus, First Year Fee Waived

Via Slickdeals:

This has been floating around for a bit, but since Slickdeals has it I thought i’d add it here:

Amex has a deal for Ameriprise customers for the Amex Platinum card, where you get 25,000 Membership Rewards points after $3,000 spend in the first 3 months. What’s impressive is that the first year fee (normally $450) is WAIVED for the first year.

Also exciting is that the additional Authorized User fee (normally $175) is also waived. The authorized user gets lounge access and Global Entry reimbursement, but NOT the $200 airline reimbursement (remember that that $200 is really $400, because it’s per calendar year).

If you’ve had a Platinum card in the past, you won’t get the 25k bonus (but you will still get the airline lounge access and $400 in airline reimbursements for free).

While this is supposedly for Ameriprise customers, you will be able to get the card even if you aren’t a customer. And according to SD, there have been some issues with non-Ameriprise customers getting the 25k bonus, but you should take a screenshot in case you need to argue with them.

Even if you’ve had an Amex Platinum in the past (and are therefore not eligible for the 25k bonus points), it’s still a good deal for the $400 reimbursement alone (which I used to purchase $400 in credit at United).

Application here.


  1. My platinum card is my oldest CC. You think the 1 year savings are worth what ever potential ding to my credit by canceling my oldest card?