787 – So Close, Yet So Far

I’m headed to Los Angeles this morning and in a complete airline nerd move I booked a flight from LaGuardia to Houston to LA so I could fly a United 787 from Houston to LA. I had to get up at 430 this morning but I was very excited (again, in a complete airline nerd way) and getting up at that hour didn’t even bother me.

Plus – I got upgraded on that leg. What could go wrong?

Obviously something went wrong or I wouldn’t be writing this. At 630am the pilot told us we had been hit by a truck. Literally, not figuratively. Maintenance was taking a look. At 710 it became clear we were not leaving and I was not flying the 787 today. That is a huge bummer.

But in what must be a record, I left the plane at 710am, stopped by the United Club where they moved me to an 830am nonstop out of JFK. I hopped in a taxi and was AT MY GATE at JFK at 745.

If you have ever had to make that switch, you will understand that I jumped some time/space continuum to accomplish that. As they said in Seinfeld, nobody beats the Van Wyck. But I did this morning.

35 minutes from plane to plane, including a stop to change the flight. I’m in shock.

And I’ll arrive in LA 30 minutes earlier than planned, sadly without a 787 flight.

See you in LA.


  1. I’m taking a similar trip (MSY-IAH-EWR) in September when they fly the 787s between Houston and Newark… Really hope this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me…