Friday Roundup: Azerbaijan Airlines, Delta to Liberia, Fiji Airlines Pass…

– Azerbaijan Airlines will launch twice weekly service between Baku, Azerbaijan, and New York’s JFK Airport beginning September 24th. The A340 flights operate Wednesdays and Saturdays. Flights will earn extremely valuable Azal Miles, which cannot be redeemed on any partners.

– Effective September 1st, Delta is canceling is Accra – Monrovia (Liberia) service. Flights operated JFK-ACC-ROB. Flights between JFK and Accra are unaffected. Sad to see they couldn’t make the 3x/wk operation work.

– Fiji Airways has introduced a pass that allows you to fly to as many islands in Fiji as you’d like for $179 (after you’ve bought a ticket to Fiji on Fiji Airways). Call (800) 227-4446 to book.

– A VietJet A320 landed at the wrong airport earlier this week, touching down at Cam Ranh airport near Nha Trang, instead of at Lien Khuong Airport near Da Lat City in the central highlands 62 miles away. Most odd is that one airport is in the mountains, and one is by the sea, so perhaps the crew should have noticed that. Staff have been suspended.

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