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Finally…All Business Class 727 Service from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Amsterdam…Your Prayers Have Been Answered

The people spoke and The Man listened…

That’s right, the fine folks at AA (Azerbaijan Airlines) are rolling out the all-business-class 727 service that you’ve been clamoring for twice weekly between Baku, Azerbaijan, and Amsterdam.

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Gee, I didn’t know that Azerbaijan Airlines had a 727 outfitted with all business class seats. Yeah, that’s what most suckas would say. But let me drop this bomb on your ass: It’s operated by Silkway Airlines on BEHALF of Azerbaijan Airlines.


There ya go.

But where did Silkway Airlines manage to find a 727-200 aircraft, you may not be asking yourself at this very minute. I’ve got the answer for you right here: That’s right, Northwest Airlines.

Anyway, it’s about $800 each way for that bad boy. Enjoy your flight.

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  1. Do they have oil in Baku?

  2. Damn, That’s grizappa!

  3. No photos or trip report? Weak. ;)