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United Offering (Targeted) Triple Miles Promotion for (Non-Discounted Coach) Travel May 1 – July 31

I just received a piece of mail from United offering triple miles for flights between May 1 and July 31st (that’s regular miles, not elite miles). In approximately negative 13 point type, they note that it is only good for flights booked in F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, Y, B, M and E, which is to say that deep discounted coach is not included.

This is a targeted offer, so go to to see if you’re eligible for this possibly lucrative, possibly not-applicable-to-you offer.

You have to register by May 31st.

Philippine Airlines Will Introduce Lie-Flat Seats on Its New A330s

I know this won’t matter to anyone since Philippine Airlines isn’t tied up with any other frequent flyer programs, but in case you ever have to fly them: PAL will replace their old-school recliner seats on their A330s with new lie-flat seats when they accept delivery of 7 new A330-300 aircraft later this year.

You’ve sat in worse.

The seats are made by the manufacturer Sogerma, which has outfitted business class cabins on Oman Air and Etihad. The seats will feature 60″ of pitch, and will recline to 76 inches when turned into a 20 inch wide bed.

PAL did spare some expense, though, when it comes to IFE on the aircraft, adding Mini iPad-based IFE rather than seatback systems (which is probably the wave of the future anyway…)

The new aircraft will fly from Manila to Bangkok, Honolulu, Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Nagoya.

Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Union: The Uniforms We Have Are Too Sexy

The union representing Cathay Pacific’s flight attendants has called for the airline to redesign its uniforms, saying that the blouses are too short and the skirts are too tight. Says a representative, “We believe the company intentionally does this to make us look a bit sexier and to let the passenger see more.”

I’m too sexy for this flight. (Photo via SCMP)

The representative says that she believes the new uniforms are tied to an apparent increase in sexual harassment incidents between passengers and flight staff. Calling out frequent flyer members, specifically:

“Some of the Marco Polo Club [frequent flier] members think they can do things to us because they are privileged and we somehow allow it. That is very bad. They think it is part of their privilege … Afterwards, they believe they can apologise and everything is settled.”

I can’t remember if I read that Marco Polo members get both double miles and sexual harassment privileges. Apparently they do not.

To its credit, Cathay Pacific says that is has already responded to complaints about the uniform: “We welcome feedback from the crew and certain modifications have also been made, including the length of the blouse and the tightness of the skirt…Crew are welcome to exchange their uniform any time if they feel the fit is not right.”

I have no idea what this all means.

Keep Checking Those United Award Seats to Europe for Summer…

We just booked 4 tickets to London and back from Zurich in August using ANA miles on United metal (43k miles each in coach, rather than the 60k required by United, with no additional fuel surcharges).

I’m mentioning this because the availability to London (from New York) isn’t bad at all, but a couple of days ago while there were 5 flights available in coach on August 22nd, there were suddenly none. Then the next day there was 1 flight available. When I woke up this morning, there were 5 flights available again.

That’s a long way of reiterating my point that if you are stalking a trip, you have to check a couple of times a day. Availability changes constantly, and I was thrilled to see it come back after disappearing. Be patient.

That said, there is so little business class award inventory available to anywhere in Europe, I’m not sure I remember seeing anything like this summer. If you can get over the idea of flying coach to Europe (and let’s be honest – it’s about 6 hours 15 minutes flying time from NYC to London – pretty close to New York to San Francisco), I’m pretty sure you’ll survive. Using miles for coach seats is, for me (and many others who have written me, especially with families), the new normal. Coach availability to London is wiiiiiiide open on United, which means you’ve got a summer-full of options to fly to Europe for 38k-43k ANA points. That’s a steal when coach seats approach $1500.

Anyway – just thought I’d reiterate: keep checking for that award inventory. Don’t give up hope…

Friday Roundup: Ink Bold, TAM First Class, Air India & Star, United’s CEO, and More

– I read somewhere that the Chase Ink Bold card raised its bonus to 60,000 points.

– London-based Odyssey Airlines plans to use crowdfunding to raise money for the new carrier, which will fly all-business class configured Bombardier CS100s between London and New York. Yeah, good luck with that.

– TAM will remove its schmancy first class cabins from is 77W aircraft beginning November 1st on flights to the US, Mexico, and Europe. On a plus note, that means there will be more business class seats installed.

– Air India will finally join Star Alliance in July. We’ll all believe that when it happens.

– United’s Newark-based pilots union is calling for the ouster of CEO Jeff Smisek.

– Anyone booking a 7-day cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway or Getaway by May 11th will receive a free 3 or 4 day Bahamas cruise for a future trip.

– Something called Afrinat International Airlines (?) wants to launch 747 (?) service between Accra, Ghana, and JFK beginning in June.