Airfare Deal: New York – Milan – Prague – Tokyo, $130 One-Way (Taxes Included)

This has been on FT, but I figured I’d hold off until it was posted elsewhere, and this morning it was on Slickdeals, so it’s time to share:

There’s a mistake fare allowing you to travel from New York to Europe and then onward to Asia starting at about $130 one way (taxes included). Dates are available this fall and next spring.

You route it:

JFK – Milan (On Alitalia)
Prague – Tokyo (On KLM – you can fly from other Eastern European cities instead of Prague, as long as they connect through Paris or Amsterdam on KLM)

(You’ll have to get from Milan to Prague on your own).

Priceline is showing the fares, and you can also find them on Hipmunk. (I’m going to assume you’re smart enough not to need screenshots…use multi-city search on those sites)

Lots more info here, but you can also route to other cities in Asia (Bangkok, for example), India and Africa for a few dollars more.

Yes, you’ll have to figure out how to get home (use miles).

It’s a mistake, so don’t call the airline.

(On a side note: Bloggerville is in an interesting conundrum right now. When bloggers post things that are supposedly “secret” (as if anything on the Internet is a secret), people get up-in-arms that a deal has been ruined. If bloggers post the same crap as everyone else (especially around credit cards), people complain (rightfully) that non-original content is crap and to stop wasting our time. So as a blogger, I think we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle – post original content that isn’t considered a secret. I’m not sure what that is anymore. Is it something only I know? Sure, that happens sometimes. Is it something that a few people know? I’m not sure what the answer is, but I do know that given the incredible proliferation of bloggers in this space, it’s increasingly difficult to find things to write about that aren’t already out there, either widely out there or secretly out there.) Just saying…


  1. Muchas gracias!!

    3 tickets to TYO booked!!!

    • Damn – nicely done!

      • It was a trip with a couple of friends (so not three trips just for me!), but I’d been thinking of using miles in First or Business both directions.

        Now we get to earn miles and spend time in Europe on the same trip for minimal cost! :D

        PS – I really appreciate the uniqueness of OTR, Jared. It’s what keeps me coming back even after I’ve filtered out several others from my RSS feed. :)

  2. Jared, I give you permission to blog about deals however you want, you seem to have good discretion. As always, thanks for reporting the IcelandAir deal a while back :)

  3. Hopefully, if we check your site, we don’t have to go through all the others to find the deals. Keep up the good work. Be original. :wink: