Some Randomness: New Business Class Airline to Paris, Virgin America Departs Philly, JetBlue Checked Bag Fee?

– The former CEO of L’Avion plans to launch all-business-class 757 service between Paris and Newark beginning sometime this summer. If that sounds familiar, it’s because L’Avion did the same thing before selling to OpenSkies. And it’s what Eos, MAXJet, and Silverjet all tried to do to London. Best of luck.

– Virgin America will drop its Philadelphia flights beginning October 6th, allowing them to move aircraft to their burgeoning Dallas Love operation.

– Did an Asiana 767 crew knowingly fly to Saipan with just one working engine?

– JetBlue could begin charging for first checked bag next year.

– Emirates will launch the world’s shortest A380 route with Dubai-Kuwait service in July. Flights are under 2 hours.

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