OH, So THAT’S What Those Reloadable Cards Are For…

One question that has come up a few times when people talk about Vanilla Reloads (and other reloadable cards) is what, other than manufacturing spend, those cards are actually supposed to be used for. This week’s issue of the New Yorker offers an explanation in an article about corruption at the Baltimore City Detention Center:

Inmates paid for drugs and other contraband by texting fourteen-digit numbers to load money onto Green Dot MoneyPak cards belonging to Black Guerrilla Family members inside and outside the facility. Gang leaders, in turn, used the Green Dot cards to pay their suppliers and enjoy their profits. White bought a BMW and a Mercedes-Benz while he was an inmate.

So there you have it – reloadables are useful for mile hoarders and prisoners buying drugs.


  1. I’ve got a few follow up questions… Is there a CVS inside some prisons, can they use credit cards to buy the cards, and what other secrets are the prisoners keeping?

    Happy Friday from Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen.

  2. Are they using the statutory grape reload or the assault and buttery version? (1)

    1. Joke by Jared Blank

  3. @Grant, going to prison for VRs would be taking the manufactured spend concept to the extreme… I LIKE IT! :-)