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Time to Catch Up on a Bunch of Random Things

I’ve been traveling a fair amount recently, and the slightly ironic part of writing a blog about traveling is that when I’m actually traveling it’s more difficult to write stuff about traveling (did that make any sense at all?).

Here are a few stories I wanted to share over the last few days that I thought, perhaps, you wouldn’t have found elsewhere:

– Have you ever needed to fly from Montego Bay to Kingston, Jamaica? Yes? Good news, interCaribbean Airways (?) is offering $29 introductory fares on its new 16 weekly flights between the two cities. Guess how long it takes to fly between those 2 cities…go ahead, guess. Don’t cheat and look it up. What fun is that? What’s your answer? What? No, that’s wrong. It’s 35 minutes.

– Canadian North has introduced its own frequent flyer program called Aurora Rewards. Since you’re not going to be flying to Kitikmeot anytime soon I won’t share the details here, but just know that you can double-dip, earning both Aeroplan points and Aurora Rewards points for a given flight. If you need to know the details of the program written in Inuktitut, then visit this link. I don’t know what Inuktitut is, but it’s either a language spoken by natives of Northern Canada, or it’s an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke.

– Lufthansa has begun putting their new lie-flat business class seats in its A380s. Only 1 has been retrofitted, but the rest of the A380 aircraft in their fleet will follow. It was always a bit odd that those new planes had old business class seats, but that will be fixed.

– Longtime charter operator World Airways has shut down. North American Airlines, which is owned by the same company, is currently still flying Department of Defense charters with 2 of its 767s, but that carrier is now for sale, so if you’re interested in starting an airline with 2 old 767 aircraft, now is probably as good a time as any to jump in.

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