Today Is Apparently the Last Day to Use Credit Cards for Vanilla Reloads at CVS

As is being widely reported (I apologize that I don’t even know where this originally was posted), but today (March 30th) is the last day that you can use credit cards to purchase Vanilla Reloads at CVS. There was pretty much no way this was going to last forever, and apparently forever ends today.

There’s been hope on other blogs that this is one big April Fool’s Joke, which would be impressive, but unfortunately it’s not. A friend went to his local CVS last night and confirmed that this change is real. My friend (D-lux!) has been using the old version of the Amex Blue to earn 5% cash back at the drugstore to manufacture something like upwards of $400/month cash back. I believe his pillow was soaked in tears last evening.

There are, of course, other ways to manufacture spend, but for many folks nothing generated as much, as easily, as this.

I’m looking forward to the contrarian blog posts saying how this is a good thing…

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