Let’s Talk about a Few New Routes

– JetBlue will launch service from Albany, NY, to Orlando and Ft Lauderdale sometime in 2015, a move that I’m sure was made to keep NY lawmakers off their backs elsewhere.

– This Hebrew-language article suggests that American Airlines will launch flights between Miami and Tel Aviv in 2015.

– Air Canada has suspended service to Caracas, Venezuela, because of ongoing civil unrest in the country.

– Virgin America will end Nerd Bird service between San Jose (CA) and LAX.

– Delta continues to grow its presence at LAX, adding new flights to Austin, Boise, and San Salvador.


  1. So is every flight that begins or ends at SJC a “Nerd Bird”? The SJC-Austin service tends to get called that but what is particularly nerdy about LA?

  2. Good to see you posting again. I was afraid you were still trapped at ORD :)