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How Adorable, I’m on an Ancient United 757-200

I fly United a fair amount and somehow I have never ended up on a non-Continental 757-200. Until today.

I’m going to Vegas, and this aircraft has tv monitors in the aisles and no power ports. It’s like 1982.

I had no idea United still flew these (how have I never ended up on one?). From what I’ve heard from my perch in 21C (along with its friend 21D, the best coach seats in United’s fleet – exit row, full recline), literally every single person has complained about the state of this aircraft.

People whine about US carriers because of this inconsistency – nowadays a 5-hour flight without seat back tv or, at least, wi-fi (or power ports) seems nuts. But here it is…

(I have nothing else to add – I somehow just had no idea they were still flying these around).

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  1. Welcome to the real world. They still fly these ghetto-birds to Hawaii

  2. At least these planes have 24 F seats?

    Ghetto bird is becoming an overused term. First it was the 767-322ER and now it’s the 757-222?

  3. I actually sort of like them, though partially that might be for nostalgic purposes. Easy upgrade in the 24-seat first class cabin and the material they used back then in the seats are more comfortable to me than the more modern stuff, for whatever reason. As with all 757s, it’s also nice when upgraded that they use 2nd door boarding.

  4. I just flew UA EWR/SEA roundtrip on these planes. Those are long flights + inevitable ground delays even if you’re in 21D as I was. No WiFi or DirecTV. CRTs! Window trim that falls off mid-flight! OTOH, at least there are three bathrooms in coach.

    • 24F seats is a plus – Way back in the day I would fly NW instead of CO (crediting the miles to CO) because you could ALWAYS get upgraded on their 757s…