Me, Opening the Box with the New AA Credit Card In It…Wow!

Here’s one thing I know about blogs: everyone loves when some blogger they don’t personally know receives a credit card in the mail and posts pictures of themselves opening the package. Woo is that interesting. I know, because in some sort of moment of clarity, I posted exactly that 2 years ago. Fascinating, right? Well, I’m not one to let down my readers, so when my Citi Executive AA card arrived in the mail in a nice package, I thought that everyone might like to follow along as I opened it. Here we go! Here’s something you don’t see every day – a piece of mail! Except this one contains a credit card. Probably. image I thought a scissors would be the correct tool to bust open that bad boy and start on my way to collecting those 100k miles. Oooh, I can just taste those miles – so tasty! download Hm, that didn’t work. I tried a few more times. Son. Of. A. Bitch. Open, goddammit! download OK, fine. I’ll fight fire with fire. We’re going to use a credit card to get to the credit card. And earn 1 Starwood point per dollar spent. Picture1 Also not a success. Next obvious solution: open it with a magazine with Dr. Oz on the cover. download A few more failed attempts. Hammer: download Playbill from performance of Matilda: download Hacksaw (Not of the Jim Duggan variety, unfortunately): download We’re making progress. Now for the big guns. Ooh, free lounge entry, here I come! A box set of Sports Night should do the trick (Quo Vadis?), being pounded with a hammer: download Almost there. Speaking of free booze in the lounge: download Finally, I’ve gotten through to the inner box, which I will now slice open with a mandoline: download The inner sanctum! Nothing a soldering iron can’t fix: download And finally, with the help of a drill, here’s the card. download Wow, that was exciting. Added bonus info: Did you wonder how to hit that $10,000 minimum spend to earn those miles? I’ve got a great solution: Buy something for $10,000. See you Monday!

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