Perhaps Working at Qatar Airways Isn’t So Great

A Swedish newspaper has a lengthy story (in English) about working conditions for flight attendants at Qatar Airways. The short version is that flight attendants are basically indentured servants whose every move is scrutinized and face begin fired for every small transgression.

I’m a little torn when I read the piece – sure, it doesn’t sound good that adult women have to sign in and out of their dorms and face termination for coming home after curfew. Oh, and they have a curfew.

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone is pretending that working in Qatar is like working in Houston. Except for the oil. And all the money. And the heat. Whatever. Foreign workers don’t have the freedom they would have working elsewhere. But they would likely know that going in, so I’m not entirely surprised by what’s being reported. The world has basically decided to turn a blind eye to working conditions in the Gulf States. I guess this article is outraged because the flight attendant they follow is from Sweden and not from Nepal.


  1. This is interesting because I dont think there is any other way to find out just how medieval they are.

    The real surprising part for me is that you are not free to leave; or at least it sounds like you are not free to leave.