Monday Roundup: Indian Aviation, United in Cleveland, US Airways Miles and More

– The FAA has downgraded India’s airlines to a Category 2 status because India’s safety oversight of its aviation industry has been considered lacking. Countries with Category 2 status are not allowed to have new airlines fly to the United States (though carriers with existing service can continue). Other category 2 countries include The Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

– 4 years ago I wrote this post about Continental leaving Cleveland and taking its talents to South Beach. It was a joke, but Continental’s PR team asked me to take it down, because people thought Continental was actually abandoning Cleveland. Well – bad news. United is actually abandoning Cleveland. Beginning in April they’ll reduce flights by 60% and capacity by 36%. The airline says the hub hasn’t been profitable in 10 years.

– You can, once again, buy or gift miles for half price on US Airways.

– On May 2nd, Korean Air will launch nonstop Seoul-Houston service.

– Qatar Airways is upgrading their business class cabins on their older A330s.

– Air Zimbabwe flew without any insurance for several months back in 2009 after its insurance broker kept payments meant for an insurance company. The airline likely knew about that fraud and flew anyway.

– Cranky mentions that Great Lakes Airlines pays its first officers less than $16,000 a year.

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