100,000 Mile Signup for Citi Executive Credit Card ($450 Annual Fee)

Everyone has beaten me to it, but I thought I’d mention it too: There is an offer for a 100,000 mile bonus with the Citi Executive Credit Card. Here’s the deal: - It’s $450 for the year, not waived. - You need to spend $10,000 in 3 months to earn the bonus. - If you have other Citi AA cards, you CAN still get this. - However, you cannot get this deal if you have applied for any Citi card in the last 8 days, or 2 in the last 65 days (that’s true of any Citi card). - You’ll get a $200 credit after you’ve spent $200 on the card. - Admirals Club membership. So it’s basically going to cost you $250 for the card. Plus if you use a cashback card normally you’ll be forgoing another $200 in cash back. Or you’ll have to purchase $10k worth of Vanilla Reloads, which will cost you $79. So this card really “costs” between $340 and $450, which is a good deal for 100,000 miles, but not necessarily a slam dunk, especially if you have trouble finding VRs to purchase.


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  1. palefire:

    If you’re going to count the foregone $200 of cashback on the negative side (as you should!), you need to include the 10,000 miles you’ll get for the spend on the positive side.

  2. Jared Blank:

    Fair enough.

  3. iahphx:

    Well, it’s the highest annual fee I’ve ever paid (I’ll call it $250), but I’m losing my comped (status match) AA platinum status next month — and therefore losing my lounge access. And priority boarding. I’m also losing access to the US Lounges on April 1 because they won’t be in Star Alliance.

    Given that it solves those significant problems, and gives me 100K AAdvantage miles, I think it’s $250 well spent. But if I still had the high oneworld status, I’d probably take a pass, especially given the high spending requirement.

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