Targeted Delta Offer: Gold Status & Sky Club Membership

I received a mailer (in the actual mail) from Delta this week offering me 60 days of Gold Medallion status and 60 days of free Sky Club Membership – from what I could tell on the signup page, this was targeted to people in New York (go to to see if you’re eligible). I couldn’t get that link to work on one of my browsers, so try a couple if you live in NYC. If you book a BusinessElite ticket within 60 days of signing up for this promo, they’ll extend your Gold status through February 2015, give you a full 12 months of Sky Club membership, and give you 50,000 bonus miles. That’s a helluva deal (if I had any Amsterdam trips coming up I’d definitely fly Delta rather than United….pause…pause…pause…nah, I probably wouldn’t. I’ll be starring in Her 2, where a man falls in love with his frequent flyer program). Anyway – check out the link to see if you’re eligible.


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  1. Grant:

    Her 2, sounds like an Oscar-worthy sequel. I was in Amsterdam earlier this week and had great (warm) weather, compared to snowy Berlin. Are you going to AMS anytime soon?

  2. Jared Blank:

    Great to hear – I should be there in the spring, when it’s 50 and raining.

  3. Ian:


    Any chance you still have the mailer and could email me a scanned pic or photocopy of it? I’m convinced Delta changed the eligibility rules AFTER I signed up for the promo and booked what I thought was a qualifying BusinessElite ticket to maintain the Gold status. Of course I’ve thrown out my mailer so my ability to fight is hampered. Many thanks in advance

  4. Jared Blank:

    Unfortunately my wife makes me clean up all my airline crap pretty regularly so it’s long gone.

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