Yes, You Can Easily Replace Your Battery on Your iPhone for $4

This has nothing to do with airlines, but if you travel a bunch and you have an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S you may be at the point (as I was) where the battery was lasting about, oh, 3 hours before it died. It seems that the phones are good for about a year or so, then the battery gives out. I had bought a battery charger case, but it was bulky and heavy and ruined the design of the phone. But then I stopped being a moron about it and learned that, despite everything Apple suggests, you can very, very easily replace the battery in your phone in about 10-15 minutes. And did I mention it costs about 4 bucks? Here’s how: - Go to eBay and search for “iphone 4s replacement battery kit” – it’s got a couple of small screwdrivers and a plastic prong thingy (technical term) and the battery. I’m looking at one right now that they’re selling for $3.39 with free shipping. - Then watch this 4 minute video showing you how to do it: That’s it. Well, that’s not exactly it. It took me about 15 minutes. I had trouble getting a very, very, very tiny piece back on correctly. In the video the guy does it easily. Me, not so much. Also, I dropped the world’s smallest screw on my floor, which led to 3 1/2 minutes of crawling around and swearing a lot. But the kids were there so I had to make up swears (flarksmuckle!). But sure enough – I got it back together and lo and behold my phone is like new. Good luck.


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  1. Felipe C.:

    What a steal! Recently I had the battery changed in my iPhone 5 at the Apple store. I have AppleCare and it was covered, but otherwise they charge $79 for the service.

  2. Jared Blank:

    I know! It’s ridiculous. I was beyond happy that I was able to fix it myself for $4.

  3. Adam:

    Got a real nice chuckle out of flarksmuckle LOL

  4. Jared Blank:

    You’re free to use that around the kids :)

  5. thexfactor:

    “But the kids were there so I had to make up swears (flarksmuckle!)”


  6. iahphx:

    I’m too value-conscious to own an iphone, but I’ll note that ebay is also a great place to buy cheap batteries for Android phones — which you can easily replace.

    BTW, I realized I needed a new battery when the guy at the store did the “spin test” — weird, but it works, at least on Android batteries.

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