For Real This Time: Biman Bangladesh Announces Last DC-10 Flight

Among airline nerds there was a bit of hubbub last fall when Biman Bangladesh announced that it would fly the last DC-10 flight in November. But Biman Bangladesh being Biman Bangladesh, that date was moved about 127 times.

Now, they promise (?) that the very last DC-10 flight will be on February 20th from Dhaka to Birmingham, England. The flight will depart 830am and arrive (after a stop in Kuwait) in Birmingham around 4pm that day. They’ll sell tickets for that flight beginning tomorrow (January 14th). I would guess the fare will be around $500, but they haven’t announced that.

I’d love to go on this, but those times are rough. Unless you were willing to leave Tuesday night and arrive very early Thursday morning then get on the plane for the long flight back home immediately, you would have to leave the US Monday night, and get to Dhaka Wednesday morning. There’s no way to make a connection back to the US from Birmingham if you arrive there at 4pm on Thursday. So while this would be a fun flight to be on, it would also require a week off a work. I can’t pull that off, but maybe you can. Details here.

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