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Using the United Gift Registry to Get Your $200 Amex Platinum Reimbursement

My Amex Platinum card is coming up for renewal in a bit (I won’t be renewing), but I did want to take advantage of the $200 annual airline fee reimbursement before then. As I did last year, I chose United as my airline for reimbursement. Last year I purchased a $200 gift card (two, actually – one with my card, one with my wife’s), and they were reimbursed no problem.

I’ve been reading on Flyertalk, though, that people are not being reimbursed for $200 gift card purchases on United right now.

Here’s a way around that: create a United gift registry and contribute to it.


Go to and under Products & Services in the top menu, choose Gift Registry. Then set up a gift registry for yourself (NOT the MileagePlus gift registry – do the gift registry). Then you can contribute money to it. And if you use your Amex Platinum to contribute the $200, you’ll be reimbursed. I did that, then used my wife’s card to add to my registry (thanks, Susan!). The funds are stored in your United Travel Bank, which can be used toward purchases.

This is actually even better than buying gift cards because you can use a partial amount of the total in your travel bank and use the rest later.

The funds expire after 2 years of inactivity in the account, but you can always just add $25 to the account at a later date to extend the time.


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  1. Jared – just wondering can I add funds to my own gift registry? I’m having trouble doing that on the website.

    • Yes – I did it. I set a goal in my registry of $400, then I was able to contribute to it myself (I used a different email address than the one associated with my MileagePlus account to send the money). Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  2. I see – I actually used the same email address, but didn’t sign in with my MileagePlus account.

  3. Can you please add some items to your registry? We were gonna get you the single serving salt and pepper shakers but someone beat us to it.

  4. how long does it take for the gift registry post to your travel bank for united?

  5. It’s been over 72 Hrs and hasn’t posted

  6. any idea if this still works? i just tried purchasing $50 to my travel bank and it showed up on my cc statement as what appears to be a ticket “GAD DEPOSIT” “SPECIAL SERVICES TICKET”. The only thing i noticed that i did differently was that the first time i was logged into my MP account. This time, i used my work email and was not logged into my MP account…hope that’s the reason!