10 Things You Didn’t Know About Airlines

Not to get all Buzzfeed on everyone, but I thought we’d do something a little different today…


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  1. Jimmy:

    I think Delta briefly claimed service to all 50 states a few years ago, but Delaware always seems to be the sticking point.

    Relatedly, it appears from the US Airways-American joint route map the “the world’s largest airline” won’t serve a single airport in Montana. Montana’s a pretty big hole in the route map.


  2. john:

    nice idea;

    btw that longest “domestic” flight wont feel all that domestic when they check passports on the return so that you can enter Schengen.

  3. Jared:

    stupid French!

  4. Avi Greengart:

    I liked this!

  5. Zach:

    I love travel trivia. Go buzzfeedy all you want

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