I’d Like to Trade 3 Expiring United GPUs for 2 2014 United GPUs

Hi OTR readers. I have a trip coming up in February for which I’d like to use 2 United Global Premier Upgrades. I don’t have 2 United Global Premier Upgrades for 2014, unfortunately.

I do, however, have 3 United GPUs that expire January 31st, 2014. I would love to trade those 3 expiring GPUs for 2 GPUs for next year.

If anyone is interested, shoot me an email at jared (at) onlinetravelreview.com



  1. I’ve got 3 delta drink tickets and and admirals club day pass I could trade…

  2. I’ve got some old twine and an almost intact burlap sack I’m looking to trade…will that work?