Sometimes First Class Is Cheaper Than Coach

I was doing a search last night for flights to the Dominican Republic in April over Easter break and I was reminded that coach class is not always your cheapest option. Check out this screenshot: us (Click to see it larger) Note that a non-refundable coach ticket on US Airways is $559 while a non-refundable first class ticket is $435, or $124 cheaper (that’s each way). This (obviously) doesn’t happen often, but if I’ve seen any pattern at all to its it’s that this occurs during very busy periods on leisure-focused routes where there’s high demand for coach seats and little demand for paid first. So the next time you’re looking at an $800 flight to Florida or (as we were in this case) a $1500 trip to Punta Cana, check out the first class fares – we were pleasantly surprised.


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  1. john:

    oooooo arrows! Im impressed!

  2. Jared Blank:

    All of the sites that have more traffic than I do use arrows, so I figured I’d try.

    I did, however, forget to include links to the US Airways credit card. Damn.

  3. Grant:

    Enjoy your first class seats Jared!

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