Silvercar Audi A4 Rental for $9 on Weekends

Silvercar is offering a promo code to rent one of their Audi A4s for $9 on weekends at one of their 6 locations (DFW, Dallas Love, Austin, Houston Hobby, LAX, and San Francisco). Rates are normally $59 on weekends ($89 during the week). If you enter code AFF-FTD when you make the booking, it’ll take $50 off the rental, leaving you driving an Audi for $9.


(Thanks, Slickdeals)


  1. tried on desktop & mobile – the code isn’t working for me. I’m still looking at $43/day after entering the code. Are there blackout dates?

  2. Same problem as Noah. I’d LOVE a $9 deal at DFW/DAL on 1/3, but I’m getting $34/day as my quote…

  3. It’s available on certain days, but not others. I’m looking at February 22nd for 1 day in SFO and it’s showing $9 after the code.

  4. 2014 AUDI A4 NEW MODEL - pingback on December 10, 2013 at 6:38 pm
  5. I was able to book a day for $11 from LAX for 12/15. Jared, this would be my first rental so what’s your referral code? Spread the goodwill!

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