Current Best Credit Card Offers, December 2013

I’ve been thinking about my final churn of the year and I thought it might be helpful for others in the same situation to have all of the credit cards and their current offers listed in one place. So, here we go. I’ll keep this list easily accessible over in the right-hand sidebar for future reference as well.

Also, some of these link to, of which I’m an affiliate. You can just search for the credit card name there to get the offer (and I thank you in advance for your support).

If any of these are NOT the best current available offer, let me know and I’ll update.

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  1. The BA Visa is $0 first year, not $95.

    Southwest card is still available at 50k bonus


  2. The Priority Club card is now the Chase IHG Card and you get the 80,000 points after $1,000 in 3 months.

  3. Disturbing Chase card/points issue. Letter I just got … “We’re writing to provide you with information about your new account, Southwest Airlines, which offers a bonus premium to new card members. the terms and condition associated with the new account state that the premium is only available to new card members. Since our records show that you have taken advantage of the offer or a similar offer within the past two years, your account is not eligible to receive the premium.”
    BACKGROUND: I have not had this exact card before. Card in question is Chase SW Business Plus. Of SW cards, I have only had the (non-business) Premier, which I canceled a few months back. PLEASE ADVISE!!!

  4. How soon after closing the US Airways Mastercard can I open a new one and still get the bonus miles. Thanks!

  5. Jared, any thoughts on my above issue?

    • Hi – I’ve never heard anything like that. I think you should call them ask them about it – they should give you the bonus.

  6. Jared,

    I talked to a rep yesterday and pointed out that what I had in the past was a different product (non-business sw card) She wrote it up for a mgt decision and I will hear back in a week. I am very familiar w churning chase so was surprised too. But notice the other point in the card, that indicates these can be churned every 2 years. Do you want me to let you know how this plays out? Dave

  7. JoAnne Jenkins

    The link to the chase sapphire preferred says it’s no longer available.

  8. Could you post info about the minimum annual income required for some of these cards? I just got turned down for the Chase Sapphire Preferred because my income is too low. I had never even considered this might happen. Now I’m trying to decide what other cards I shouldn’t bother to apply for. (My credit score is awesome.)