Classbuxx Great Offer: 11% Cash Back from Nordstrom

On OTR’s sister site Classbuxx, which offers cash back to your child’s school for your online purchases, we have an amazing cash back offer from Nordstrom:

We’ve increased our cash back to 11% on men’s apparel and shoes from (up from 1.5%) for the holiday season. This is the HIGHEST CASH BACK available anywhere (at least from what I can tell). If you’re thinking about holiday gifts for the dudes in your life, why not also earn 11% cash back for your child’s school?

(Even if you don’t have children in school, when you sign up with Classbuxx pick a school of a relative or friend – they’ll be happy to help raise money without having to go door-to-door selling magazines, y’know?)

Tell your friends!

(If it hasn’t been clear, Classbuxx is a site I’ve built to help schools raise money when parents shop online…if you like the OTR, I’d love if you could help support Classbuxx by letting your friends with school-age kids – especially if they’re on a PTA – know about it). Thanks!

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