How to Buy Roundtrip Business Class Domestic Tickets for $730 (Sometimes Less)

Melia Hotels has a loyalty program called Melia Rewards that is useful if you want to buy discounted domestic business class tickets. Here’s how it works:

Melia is partnered with Lufthansa, and they allow you to exchange 2 Melia points for 1 Lufthansa Mile and More mile. So far so good.

Melia also allows you to purchase up to 100,000 of its points per year. 1000 points cost 8 Euro.

Lufthansa offers roundtrip domestic business class tickets (on United or US Airways) for 35,000 miles round trip (they also allow one-way tickets which, because they appear to only allow redemptions in 1,000 mile increments, actually costs 17,000 miles). Domestic includes Alaska but does not include Hawaii.

Melia charges 544 Euro to buy the 68,000 points you’d need (remember, you’re transferring at 2:1) for the ticket. 544 Euro is roughly $730. That’s quite a bargain for domestic business class (especially for transcon flights).

They also offer transfer bonuses from time to time – we just missed a 30% transfer bonus that ended October 31st that would’ve gotten you the ticket for roughly $569.

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  1. Ha, I actually wrote about this earlier…. people have had problems transferring melia to m&m so be careful with that.

  2. Warning! According to the Melia webpage, current exchange rate is 6 melia points for 1 M&M mile.