Ryanair: We’ll Continue to Treat Passengers Like Crap, But Now Slightly Less So

After its CEO pledged to stop pooping all over its passengers (metaphorically, though if they could get people to pay for that, they would), Ryanair announced its first set of passenger-friendly changes:

– Passengers will have 24 hours after they have made a booking to fix “minor errors (i.e. spelling, names, routings)” without being charged for it.

– On flights before 8am and after 9pm flight they will operate so-called “quiet flights,” as flight attendants will not make any announcements other than required safety announcements (for example, they will not hawk duty free). I know a number oF US airlines that could learn from this.

– Passengers can carry on a very small 2nd carry-on for free (a duty free bag, for example).

– If you have checked in online and need your boarding pass reprinted at the airport, they will no longer charge you €70/£70. The fee will now be a reduced, but still outrageous, €15/£15.

– Airport checked bag fees will be lowered from €60/£60 to €30/£30 at the bag drop desk, and from €60/£60 to €50/£50 at the boarding gate.



  1. You didn’t mention that Ryanair sees these changes as “enhancements to its industry leading customer service.”

    I guess anyone can claim they offer “industry leading customer service” (legally, I think this concept is called “puffery”) but it sure takes a lot of chutzpah (psychosis?) for Ryanair to make that claim!

  2. 15 pounds to print a boarding pass?? Are they insane? what kind of board of an airline would allow such customer-hating policies?

    wait, is this a joke?