And Today’s Randomness: No, Jennifer Aniston Is Not Building a Runway at Her House..Plus Other Stuff

– Despite what this article says, there is no way Jennifer Aniston is building a runway at her house IN BEL AIR.

– 7-month-old Norwegian low-cost carrier Flynonstop, which offered, um, nonstop service between Kristiansand and London-City, has filed for bankruptcy.

– Airbus tells airlines they should widen their coach seats from 17 inches to 18 inches. Says someone at Airbus, “If the aviation industry doesn’t take a stand right now then we risk jeopardising passenger comfort into 2045 and beyond.” Won’t somebody think of the great-great-great-great grandchildren????

– American Airlines drops service to Ottawa (screw you, Canada!) and Veracruz, Mexico (screw you, Mexico!)

– Dish TV is lending free iPads to Southwest Airlines passengers on wifi enabled flights from Chicago-Midway, Denver and Oakland.


  1. you are a breath of fresh humor among boring blogs.