Somewhat Targeted: United Business Club Card Offers First Year Free ($395 Value – Comes with Lounge Access)

In the past, United has offered their Club card (the $395 card that includes lounge access and 1.5 miles per dollar spent) with the first year fee waived. I haven’t seen this offer in a while – I’ve more typically seen a $100 statement credit as the enticement.

However, I just logged into my wife’s United account and saw a first year free offer that I’m pretty sure many of you can get. Here’s how:

Log in to your United account, then go to this LINK).

1) Click on the United MileagePlus Business Club card (This only seems to work with the BUSINESS version).

2) When you’re taken to that page, click on the United MileagePlus Explorer BUSINESS Card tab at the top (you’ll likely see an offer for 50,000 miles after $2,000 spend).

3) Then click on MILEAGEPLUS CLUB BUSINESS CARD. You’ll now see an offer to get the Business Club card with the first year fee waived.

Enjoy the free lounge access!



  1. Worked beautifully. Thanks, Jared.

  2. Wonderful, this is simply wonderful. Thanks, Jared, for the coming year of travel relief!

  3. Thank you for the trick, Jared. Wow! So should I go for this or regular business with 50K bonus if I still have Amex Plat? Now, I’m torn…

  4. FYI

    Lowly me who probably never used united in my life got 30k on the explorer card and $100 statement credit on the business.

  5. Jared,

    You can find the non business version of the deal by going to the bottom of the business offer page and click on the link:

    Not a business owner?
    Compare to the MileagePlus Club Card

  6. The non-business club card is free also for the first year after I logged into my account. Does anyone know if this is because I got gold status with United?

  7. No, I am neither gold nor silver and the deal is still avail.

  8. My daughter, who’s 8 years old, got this targeted offer in the mail yesterday…..she gets targeted for better deals and bonus than my husband and I … :?: