$660 Toward Airfare with Navy Federal Credit Union Credit Card — Only for Military (But It’s a Great Offer)

The Navy Federal Credit Union offers a Visa Flagship Rewards Card that offers a bonus of $600 toward airfare when you spend $3,000 in your first 90 days (you’re given 60,000 points, which are equal to 1 cent worth of airfare). The $49 annual fee is waived in the first year.

You also earn 2 points toward airfare with all of your spend – so it’s basically a 2% cash back card where the cash back is applied to any airfare that you purchase (you don’t need to buy through them – you can buy your own airfare and send them an email to be reimbursed). So that initial $600 becomes $660 because of the points you earn on the $3,000 minimum spend.

Now here’s the catch: you basically need to be an active or retired member of the military (or a family member of one) to be eligible to join the Navy Federal Credit Union (they have full information on eligibility on this page).

So not everyone will qualify — but if you DO qualify, that’s a pretty good deal for a card you’ve never heard of and the flexibility to spend the cash on any airline you like (yes yes, I know – if you are looking for a free business class ticket to Europe, this card is not for you. But this can be great for trips like the one I just did to Hawaii where this would’ve bought me 4 roundtrip tickets within the islands).

Details and application here.


  1. It takes a little work, but almost everyone in the United States can stake some claim to the military somehow.

    Example 1: your husband’s deceased grandfather was in the navy during Korea. His wife (your grandmother-in-law) can join NFCU. Once she joins, she can sponsor your husband. Once your husband joins, you can join.

    Example 2: Your sister-in-law’s brother-in-law (on the other side) is a DoD Contractor assigned to a military facility. He can join, and then can sponsor his spouse, who in turn can sponsor his sibling (your sister-in-law). Your sister-in-law can sponsor *her* spouse, who can then sponsor you.

    It’s kind of like Kevin Bacon.

    • That’s a good point – it’s very explicit that family members of eligible members are welcome to join….that really broadens who is eligible (to your point, most people).