Tuesday Roundup: JetSuite, Air New Zealand to Antarctica, and More…

A few quick ones:

– Heard of JetSuite? Me, neither. They’re a private jet membership something something. I mention them here because each day they run a handful of random specials for $536 where you and a few people can fly private on a short route. What does that mean? Earlier today they had a deal where 6 people could fly from Islip to Boston (today – that’s little notice, I know) for a total of $536 on a private jet. Kinda awesome, right?

– Norwegian Air has “summoned” Boeing management to Oslo to discuss the seemingly neverending problems they’re having with the 787. “Boeing to the principal’s office….now”

– Air New Zealand is planning to fly 2 charter flights to Antarctica, where they will land a 767 on an ice runway for the first time. This is also noteworthy because ANZ was involved in a horrific crash during a flight-seeing trip over Mt. Erebus in Antarctica in 1979 that killed 257 people.

– French police seized 1.3 tons of cocaine packed into 30 pieces of luggage on an Air France flight from Caracas to Paris on September 11.


  1. …..and how are you supposed to get home when flying Jetsuite?