Tuesday Roundup: Icelandair Hearts Canada; 787 Routes; LAN Leaves Its Heart in SFO (and Takes Its Flights With It)…

– Interested in what routes airlines are flying with their 787s? You can see all the 787 routes here.

– Icelandair was a sleepy budget(ish) carrier for years and years with little movement on its route network. Then a couple of years ago it seems to have decided enough is enough and that it would have to expand to be able to compete. They’ve broadened their US network (Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, Anchorage) and have now begun focusing on Canada. They recently announced new twice weekly summer service to Vancouver and 4x weekly service to Edmonton, to join their flights to Toronto and Halifax.

– Hawaiian Airlines is now offering iPad Minis stocked with 100 hours of entertainment on its 767-300 flights. The devices are free in business class, $15 if reserved in advance for coach passengers and $17 if purchased on the airplane. Hawaiian Airlines currently operates 767-300 aircraft between Honolulu and Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Seattle, Phoenix in the U.S.; Fukuoka and Sendai, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Brisbane, Australia; Papeete, Tahiti; and Pago Pago, American Samoa. In addition, Hawaiian Airlines 767 routes also include service between Kahului, Maui and San Jose, Oakland and Seattle.

– LAN will cease flying to San Francisco in April 2014.

– People Express has laid off 6 employees and has stopped paying 5 of its Vice Presidents as it tries to secure additional funding.

– And perhaps I should have put this in its own post, but here goes: Am I crazy or did United Airlines used to (once upon a time) serve Mai Tais mid-flight on their Hawaiian service? On my flights last week they served regular domestic meal service (plus ice cream sundae), but deep in the recesses of my mind I seem to remember that they served cocktails on the way to Hawaii. Am I making that up?


  1. UA service to Hawaii did serve Mai Tais (at least in First). Alaska did in both cabins when we flew them last year. Not sure if they still do (will find out in 3 weeks though!).

  2. I recall looking at the booze list in UA inflight-magazine last month, and my recollection is that mai tais are supposed to be substituted for margaritas on Hawaiian flights. Maybe somebody can confirm my recollection.