Get a Coupon for 10% Off Priceline Express Deals Through September 16

Looking for a Priceline Express Deals Coupon? Priceline is offering 10% off Express Deals (their Hotwire-like product where they show you the price and star rating on hotels, but not the name) when you book by September 16th. The offer is good for Express Deals in the following areas:

– New York City
– Washington, DC
– Orange County
– Las Vegas
– San Antonio
– Orlando

Just visit the Priceline Express Deals page, then enter coupon code BIGCITY6 for 10% off their price (3-star hotels or better).

Speaking of Priceline, Skift has an interesting article about a somewhat secret app that Priceline offers called Priceline Hotels Pro. It’s 99 cents (whatever), but the difference is that it’s like Express Deals, only they show you 6 possible hotels that the hotel could be. Sure, you could probably get similar info from BiddingforTravel or BetterBidding, but it’s nice to have the possibilities laid out for you.

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