$510 Round Trip Fares to Dublin this Fall and Winter

We haven’t seen low, low fares to Europe in quite some time, but I thought I’d give credit where it’s due and let you know that Travelzoo just sent out a note that fares from New York to Dublin from November to March are in the $510 round trip range (taxes included!), which is lower than I’ve seen it in a few years. Flights are available on Delta, though similarly priced flights seem to also be available on American and British Airways (for a few dollars more).

Now that Travelzoo has sent out there email it looks like availability is dropping, but there are flights out there in that range. Have fun in the cold and rain.


  1. That’s a great price – I’ve been keeping my eye out for a cheap place to visit and use as a start/end point for smaller European destinations. I was looking at Berlin and Zurich, but Ireland is a place I’ve wanted to visit so this might work out. Thanks!
    Suzette, trysomethingfun.blogspot.com