However Bad Your Last Flight Was, At Least You Didn’t Have to Stop in the Kenyan Desert…

There’s an interesting article in today’s NY Times about Somalia’s Jubba Airways. It contained this little tidbit that made me think twice about complaining the next time my flight is delayed:

Jubba also has to contend with the draconian security measures imposed on its international flights. Fearful of infiltrations by Al Shabaab militants — who have carried out grenade attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa — the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority requires that all planes bound for Nairobi from Mogadishu land first in Wajir, a desert outpost just across the Somali border. Security teams unload and scan all the baggage and submit passengers to searches and rigorous immigration procedures. When flights are full, the process can take hours.

See? That connection through Atlanta wasn’t so bad…

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