Oh My God This Is So Unbelievably Wrong…

KTVU Oakland (obviously) issued an apology that you can read here


  1. “Oh My God This Is So Unbelievably Wrong…so l think I’ll repost it on my blog”

  2. …but so funny by the news didn’t pick up that they were being trolled.

  3. Didn’t you mean to say “So Unbelievably Wong”?

  4. In another bizarre twist in this story Asiana is reportedly mulling over whether to sue the TV station for defamation.


    This is, of course, insane. Asiana’s reputation was damaged by crashing its plane at the SFO airport. The reputation of the TV station was damaged by their idiotic story. I’m really not sure how Asiana’s reputation would be further damaged if its pilots had funny names. There’s also that little problem of the First Amendment. For example, if Jay Leno told this as a joke, it would certainly be protected speech.