Elites (ie, Me, apparently) Getting Upgrades to First Class on United’s Old P.S. Aircraft

Have you been dreaming about the opportunity to fly on United’s kinda half-assed non-lie-flat First Class old P.S. cabin between New York and LAX/SFO? No? Ingrate!

Even if you haven’t been dreaming about United’s half-assed First Class old P.S. cabin, now is your (possibly last) opportunity to sit comfortably (though by no means luxuriously) on your next transcon: I’m flying to LA on Monday on United from JFK, and I bought a coach ticket (er, um, my company bought a coach ticket), and I used an upgrade to get me into Business Class in both directions.

I thought when I booked this trip that I was in the new 757 PS configuration (which you can see because it has 7 rows of Business Class and no First Class). The business class seats are now lie-flat and quite wonderful. However, I just saw that the aircraft were changed to the old 757 PS configuration (3 rows of First, 6 1/2 rows of Business).

That’s fine – but I also noticed that I had been moved into the First Class cabin, which is wonderful, except it’s less wonderful than the Business Class cabin on the new planes.

My point is this: if you have Elite Status on United and you use an upgrade instrument (or, God forbid, actually PURCHASE a Business Class PS ticket), they will bump you up to First Class if you are on an P.S. 757 with the old configuration. Not a bad consolation prize.


  1. Jared,

    I am also flying on Monday (JFK-SFO). I used a systemwide to upgrade to business. How did you get pushed up to first? Or was it automatic?