Monday Update: Airline Name Changes; Goats; and a Faster Site

– A number of airlines have announced they’re changing their names:

Tiger Airways will now be known as Tigerair because, as the press release says, the new name has a “fresh and upbeat look that embodies its brand
personality — warm, passionate and genuine.” And because when I think of tigers, I think of warm and passionate.

Jat Airways will be rebranded as Air Serbia because, as a Serbian deputy prime minister put it, the new airline “will incomparably more successful and better than Jat Airways in every way.” Not to raise expectations too high…

Effective August 1st, Delta will change the name of its Minneapolis-based regional carrier from Pinnacle Airlines to Endeavor Air. I’m sure there’s a story behind that, but I don’t know what it is.

– Allegiant Airlines has applied for its first routes to Mexico, requesting to serve San Jose del Cabo and Hermosillo from Las Vegas.

– To make up for the awful news from the weekend in San Francisco, I thought I’d share a bit of positive SFO-based news: the airport has brought in a herd of 400 goats to clear brush in a remote corner of the airport to reduce the likelihood of brush fires. The goats are the preferred means of brush-clearing in the area because there are endangered garter snakes and California red-legged frogs in the area.

– I’ve moved OTR to a new server to try and speed up this clunky site. From what I can tell it’s making a huge difference – I hope it is for you as well. Because where else are you going to read about airport goats?


  1. Site is much faster than I remember. Who do you use as your webhost?

    • I use Bluehost – I upgraded to Pro. It’s a shared server but with far fewer other sites on it. I notice the speed difference on my other site as well.

  2. I use bluehost too and was thinking about upgrading too. Can you tell me what the difference in price is?