$500 Gift Cards Back at Office Depot

(Thanks to Travel with Grant for this…)

One of the easiest ways to generate minimum spends (or earn a bunch of points on the Chase Ink Bold card) was to buy $500 gift cards at Office Depot. If you used the Ink Bold you’d earn 5X points, and the $500 cards cost only $4.95, so you were getting 2,500 Ultimate Rewards points for $5, which is a really solid deal (there are about 137,241 posts out there about how to use those gift cards to fund Bluebird accounts to pay bills…)

Then a couple of months ago, those cards disappeared from Office Depot, leading to widespread dispair across the points-nerd-o-sphere.

Well, despair no more because as Grant has found (at least at his local Office Depot), those $500 cards are back. I’ll run out and check today in Manhattan, but I’m curious if anyone else has seen these in their local stores.


  1. It seems like my store is an anomaly and most other OD do not have the cards. Good luck though.