Southwest Airlines to Offer Free In-Flight TV

Southwest Airlines has partnered with Dish Network to waive the $5 fee for their in-flight live and on-demand television service. In exchange, Dish Network will show a limited number of advertisements during the programming. Customers will have access to 14 live television channels and about 70 on-demand features. The content can be viewed on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Movies and non-Dish programming is not included in the promotion, nor is the $8 wi-fi product.

Roughly 60% of the carrier’s fleet is equipped with the service.


  1. Southwest Airlines to Offer Free In-Flight TV | Hack.Travel - pingback on July 2, 2013 at 4:22 pm
  2. Do you know how soon this will be effective? Thanks.

  3. It was effective on my flights yesterday. Also, there is a 500 Southwest point freebie upon conclusion of the Dish advertisement.

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