$400 Off Upper Class and Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic thru Jetsetter

Jetsetter is offering (basically) $400 off an Upper Class or Premium Economy ticket between Newark or JFK and London for departures through August 31st. The actual deal is that you buy a $1,000 voucher for $600 (ie, $400 off).

Tickets are only good on the 745am flight out of Newark and the 830pm return flight to Newark (ie, the flights you don’t want); or the 725am departure from JFK and the 805pm return from London (ie, the other flights you don’t want).

Summer Premium Economy tickets run about $1800 before the discount and Upper Class tickets are about $2500 before the discount, so it’ll make that Premium Economy ticket close to the regular Coach price. Not bad.

Details on the deal are here.

If you need a Jetsetter Invitation, you can click through here.


  1. Maybe some people like the early flights or the late flights? Nah.