Just a Quick Reminder about Credit Card Companies Bumping Bonuses

I just wanted to remind everyone that credit card companies are often (though not always) happy to match a higher bonus that’s available after you’ve applied.

This isn’t new news by any means, but I received an email from one of my credit card planning clients yesterday to say that he had applied for a Southwest Visa 2 weeks ago where the bonus was 25,000 points. After he saw the post here about Southwest now offering 50,000 points, he called Chase at (888) 245-0625 and they agreed to give him the higher bonus.

Like I said, it doesn’t always work, but just remember that if you see higher bonuses, always call.


  1. I could not agree more!

  2. You mean it almost always works with Chase, but not always with the other banks.

  3. jared- there are reports that chase isnt matching the 50k united explorer bonus anymore