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2 Free Tickets Deal Is Back for Chase Southwest Visa Cards

From time-to-time Chase offers a 50,000 point bonus (good for 2 tickets) on their 4 Southwest Airlines credit cards. It’s been gone for a bit, but it’s now back. I don’t have time (some of us have jobs!) to type all the details here about free companion tickets etc, but for all 4 of these cards you’ll get 50,000 Rapid Rewards points after $2000 spend in 3 months:

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card
$99 annual fee not waived

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card
$69 annual fee not waived

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card
$99 annual fee not waived

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Business Card
$69 annual fee not waived

(Thanks, Slickdeals)

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  1. Nice job Jared, now if only Chase would let me close my Marriott card and move the credit over to a SWA card…

  2. I already have both an RR Plus and an RR Premier card. If I sign up for the offer again, will I get 50,000 miles? If not, do I need to cancel the cards first and then sign up?

  3. Bits ‘n Pieces for June 12, 2013 - View from the Wing - pingback on June 12, 2013 at 8:08 am
  4. jared-is it ethical to sell my chase ur points and amex points if it’s against their terms and conditions? why do they let people do it?

  5. I just applied for this card on June 12 – was this offer going on then? I thought it just said it was good for 25,000 miles.

    If it was still the old offer, I missed it by a day! What are the chances Chase will give me the 50,000 offer anyways?

  6. I have the same question as David. My card is actually up for renewal. If I cancel and open a new account will I get the bonus.

    Also, do you know why my annual fee is $59 instead of $69?

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