2 Notes from a Quick Flight to Boston

2 quick things to pass along from a flight on the US Airways Shuttle to Boston.

– I was offered a $49 upgrade to first class when I checked in. I turned it down (empty flight for 35 minutes) but I believe that is the least expensive upgrade I have ever been offered.

– I had to pay a small fee to standby on an earlier flight, which annoyed me for a second until I remembered that I own a few shares of US Airways, so I thought of it as paying myself a small fee. I suggest buying 1 share of every airline stock so you won’t be mad about paying ancillary fees. You’re just paying yourself!


  1. Jared the second note was hilarious. How much exactly did you pay for standby´╝č

  2. Im not sure you want to buy a share of airline stock… I dont want to lose even more money to the airlines… :)

  3. The nice thing about airline stocks is that everybody thinks they’re bad investments — so the stocks have (until now) been cheap.

    Guys like US Airways’ Doug Parker have been quite successful making the industry into an oligopoly with pricing power, so profitability has dramatically improved.

    I keep thinking the “next big thing” in the sector will be falling fuel prices. Again, everybody thinks oil supplies are constricted and prices will remain high, but the reality is that there’s a revolution in oil production underway and supplies seem to be almost limitless. At the same time, high prices are discouraging demand. When Wall Street figures this out, oil prices are likely to fall. Initially, this should be good for the airlines, but overtime it’s possible that cheaper fuel will bring new airline entrants.

  4. Not a bad idea to invest in airlines, just I’m a bit cautious on all of them. :) and yes wouldn’t it be great all the time to receive $49 upgrade to 1st class hehe