TSA Expands PreCheck to Include [Some] International Flights

Last week I learned that TSA PreCheck (the amazing program that allows you to pass through security as if it’s 1989) did not apply to international flights. I learned this when I asked a security person at Newark Airport’s Checkpoint C3 where the TSA Pre line was. She sent me the [roughly] 3 1/2 miles down to Checkpoint C1 where I was told that TSA Pre didn’t apply to international flights.

Turns out I was off by a week. TSA has now expanded PreCheck to include “select” international itineraries. The TSA doesn’t say which itineraries. But when you combine that with the news that certain airlines (Delta, United) will now actually tell you if your flight is PreCheck eligible, it will make flying internationally a bit easier for some people. I say “some” because TSA randomly excludes some PreCheck eligible people from PreCheck for some flights as a security measure.

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