I’ll Give Credit Where It’s Due…A Chart of ANA’s Fuel Surcharges (Not Mine)

I will give full credit where it’s due: The Points Guy has put together an enormously helpful chart listing out the fuel surcharges ANA charges for award travel on partner airlines. It dispels some of the misconceptions people (ie, me) had about where they charge a surcharge.

ANA can be a great redemption option because of their mileage-based award chart, which offers some really fantastic bargains (22,000 miles from New York to the Caribbean; 68,000 miles for business class from the East Coast to much of Europe), and because it’s a transfer partner from Membership Rewards and Starwood.

The short version is that they have negligible-to-reasonable surcharges when redeeming on United (except to Asia), US Airways, Air New Zealand, and Air Canada. This is really great news for those of us in New York — European and (many) Caribbean trips are very reasonable.

In any case, I need to give Points Guy and enormous amount of credit — that post took a LOT of legwork. Thanks much.

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