United to Operate 1-Time 747 Service SFO – HNL

(Airline dork warning)

We old folks remember the days of smoke-filled 747s flying around the US (as in this advertisement). Sure, it made no sense whatsoever to have Delta flying 747s between Atlanta and Miami (though they did). But I think for many of us around my age, 747s represented the pure cool-factor of air travel. That this amazing, odd-looking machine could somehow pick you up in New York and fly you to Tokyo.

There are no longer any scheduled 747 domestic routes (as far as I’m aware – please correct me if I’m wrong, though I don’t think I am), so tomorrow will (possibly) be a treat for someone:

That’s a prelude to me telling you that a United 747 is making an infrequent (though not entirely extinct) trip tomorrow from San Francisco to Honolulu with the big bird replacing a 777 on flight 300. Congrats if you’re on it.


  1. TG regularly flies 747s…

  2. There is actually a daily 747 flight between New York and Los Angeles. I know because I am booked on it. It’s flight 108. Somewhat sadly, it’s operated by Qantas, and I believe you need to be an international passenger to take it.

  3. The TG point is a good one, though. I flew on 4 different TG flights in december of less than an hour. BKK-CXN, CXN-BKK, BKK-HKT, HKT-BKK.

    No idea what the economics of that are, but they are obviously domestic flights in Thailand. They were all actually pretty full, and despite the short length they serve a small cold meal in coach and a hot meal in business. It was kind of crazy, I really enjoyed the experience.